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The University of Copenhagen’s Amager campus has been under major construction and the Centre for Textile Research had just been moved to new, beautiful modern premises.

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Settling to the new university in a foreign country was sometimes hard work but the large community of researhcers and students at the CTR was extremely welcoming. The Centre is run by Prof. Marie-Louise Nosch and it hosts a large number of international researchers, from Europe, United States and India. I was also immediately introduced to my own, very sweet reserach assistant, Julie Bjørg Raith, who will help us run our new Research Programme titled ‘Clohting, Costumes, Clothing, Consumption, and Culture’ (CCCC), which I am co-directing with the head curator of textiles and fashion at the National Museum, Denmark, Dr. Mikkel Venborg Pedersen. We are expecting five more Marie Curie researchers at the CTR this Autumn so it will an excting period of two years! This is a truly inspiring environemnt to start a new research project, I am very excited!

You can visit the Centre for Textile Research webpages at: http://ctr.hum.ku.dk/ or find them on Facebook!