My daughter Venla visited me in Copenhagen last week. My current home is located right at the heart of the city in the beautiful area of Nyhavn, and she loves to hang out in the small shops, bars, cafe’s and restaurants that are lined up along my home street and the harbour around the corner.


But in the weekend, when I was off work, we wanted to explore some of Copenhagen’s cultural attractions, and try out some of the specialities within the city’s food scene. So on Saturday, just before the lunch hour, we took the Metro and decided to go at Torvehallerne, an urban market place near Nørreport train station, to try out Gorm’s gourmet pizza.


Having enjoyed two small, perfect small lunch-sized pizzas, we started making our way to Louisiana, Copenhagen’s leading museum of modern art, located about 40 minute train ride outside the city in Humlebæk.

Louisiana is a lively centre for all kinds of cultural acitivies. Besides exhibiting works from it’s extensive art collections, the museum organises several special art exhibitions every year, as well as a number cultural events such as lectures and workshops, most of which take place in the evenings and weekends.

IMG_0406  IMG_0414

The current major exhibition consisted of works of Emil Nolde, the wonderful colourist who lived and worked in the ages of Impressionism, Symbolism  and Surrealism together with some of the most renowned Western modern artists such as Picassso, Gauguin and Van Gogh. Although Emil Nolde was German by birth, his career and works are of special interest to Danish for he had close connections  to Denmark.

IMG_0397 IMG_0425

While some of Emil Nolde’s paintings that were exhibitied in Louisiana, such as his interpretations of religious subjects, were extremely peculiar, his use of his colour in the flower and landscape scenes was just breathtaking!

Emil Nolde paradise lost Emil Nolde Flower Garden 1919

Still feeling inspired by our experience at Louisiana, we travelled back to Copenhagen and headed to Christianshavn to have a drink. Christianshavn is a very nice neighbourhood to go out. We especially love the little restaurant by the canal, opposite of Christianhavn’s Metro station.


There are also some wonderful small restaurants in Christianshavn. I especially love the small restaurants at Sankt Annae Gade. This time, we had portions of fantastic mussels braised in creamy whitewine sauce at Cafe Wilder.

IMG_0302   Cafe Wilder

For those interested in new trends in the Danish culinary scene, I also recommend some of the new food districts in Copenhagen that I recently visited with the locals. One is the Copenhagen street food on the ‘Paper Island’, opposite of Nyhavn, an old warehouse containing stalls that offer street food from Mexican and Cuban dishes to gourmet hot dogs in an old paper factory setting for a very reasonable price. Another place for a day or an evening out is the old meatpacking district in Vesterbro in the west part of the town, a slightly more expensive and trendy area which, in addition to shops and art galleries, includes some of the most trendy settings to enjoy seafood and meat platters in restaurants such as Paté Paté or Fiskebaren. If you go to Paté Paté, try some of their liver dishes, they are absolutely delicious!

Pate pate 3 Copenhagen street food