My two-year Marie Curie research fellowship at the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen ended at the end of February, and I am really happy to tell you that I will continue my work as the Professor of Art and Culture History at Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, in Helsinki, from 1 August onwards!

Getting a permanent job in academia these days is a tough task, especially for international academics such as myself and my fellow researchers at the CTR who have been moving extensively from one international institute to another. So once the news of my new job arrived late on a Monday afternoon just five days before my fellowship ended, my collegues took the sparkling wine out!

Celebrations at CTR

My time in Copenhagen has been incredibly rich and varied. In addition to new research perespectives that I have been able to develop during my research fellowship, I have fully enjoyed my life and experiences in the small but buzzling city of Copenhagen. I have learned a lot about the Danish culture and language, enjoyed stunnigy beautiful city gardens and sea views, and explored so many fascinating cultural sites and great restaurants. I am so grateful that I got to share these experiences with so many wonderful people. I am above all eternally grateful for my fellow researchers Miguel, Salvatore, Berit, Matteo, Flavia, Romina, Malgorzata and Giovanni, as well as all CTR staff, and my daughter Venla and my dear Birger, for making these experiences so special. Here are just some of those precious memories.

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