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ERC Consolidator Grant for my new research project

New job!

Experimental Archaelogy and Early Modern History

Teaching Dress and Fashion in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1650, in Copenhagen

Experimental archaeology and historical dying at Lejre

A Day Out in Copenhagen

Trade and Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Finland

The Global Trade of Textiles and Clothing in the Early Modern Period: Exchange, Meaning and Materialities

The materiality of textiles and clothing – CCCC workshop held at the CTR

Textile treasures from Copenhagen Metro excavations

Interwoven Globe textile exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New York

Dress and textile historian’s sources!

Course on historical weaving at Fondazione Lisio in Florence!

Finishing the Fashioning the Early Modern Europe -project

Project management course for researchers

Visiting the Cathedral Museum of Turku in Finland!

Intensive textile course at the TRC, Leiden

Launching our new research programme CCCC!

Starting work at the Centre for Textile research!

Moving to Denmark!

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